Making scale miniature ferns for your dollhouse

I started with the ferns because I have been making variations of them for almost 40 years. I realized that since I live in Florida, the ferns that I make, if I don't watch it, look like the ones that grow in the right of way next to my house! People go out in the ditches and dig these up and plant them in pots for houseplants and they do great. They are huge and green and very tolerant. I may get back to trying to make more houseplant ones, but I like these.

Here is my setup for ferns construction. Abbreviated, but you should be able to follow it. Comment if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer them.
I cut varying lengths of wire and florist tape and divide them into 4 categories. Don't make them too identical.

Glue the tape to the wire. Different people do better with different type glues, so experiment. If you want a really fluffy leaf, just glue down the center and leave the edges loose. Let it dry at least 24 hours before you cut the outline shape, don't be too straight, a little wavy is better. How thick or thin you cut it changes the look and whatever you want is OK, but for each pot, keep it the same thickness.

Then cut the fronds. Some people make straight cuts, some angled. Usually cut them as close together as practical, but that is not totally necessary. For some types you need to cut the tips more to a point, but it usually does not look that much different for the extra work it entails. There are all types and shapes of ferns. Pot them in whatever container you want, in whatever shape you want, by whatever technique you like. Have a picture of a real fern in front of you if you are not sure what to do. The next day, when I am making them for myself, I take my fingernail and gently stroke down the side of the fern from the tip to the base. This ruffles the fern and gives it a different look. I like it, but not everyone does, so when I sell one, I usually just leave them fairly smooth. They fluff a little in handling and packing, but I try to keep it to a minimum.

The one thing about ferns is that you can start with the same basic materials and make a 100 of them and no two will be identical unless you want them to. A scene where every identical plant lines up in perfect lines is not real. Real life shows variety.
A fern was one of the first plants that I sold on Etsy. that made me happy.
Tomorrow I will talk about another plant. Not sure which one it will be though!